EHS Conference



PLEASE NOTE THIS AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE- In an effort to bring the 2018 EHS Summit the latest trending EHS topics, the EHS Planning Committee is still working to secure presenters.

 Possible Topics Identified are


}  OSHA, ADA and Medical Marijuana


}  The Cut Standards are Changing: Here's What You Need to Know


}  Lack of Knowledge vs. Performance Improvement


}  Emergency Planning and Preparedness


}  How (in the heck) Do I Add Environmental to My Safety Role


}  sustainability 3P's - reuse, recycle and zero waste


}  Audits - Compliance Audits vs System Audits vs Internal Audits.


}  First responders responsibilities, do's and don'ts


}  Wellness programs


}  Violence in the Workplace – What is your plan!  How to develop a plan.


}  Intro on Required Annual Environmental Reporting


}  TSCA Voluntary reporting for processors (new requirement)


}  Electronic Manifest of Hazardous Waste (new requirement)


} Compliance with hazardous material standards such as REACH, ROHS or Prop 65.