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Potential business - part number 3081401 : Dec 15th - ARPM received a call today regarding an old part number. Thank you for your help,...

REACH / RoHS2 Compliance Training : Dec 5th - I have been handling the data and testing for REACH for years and would like...

Scrap Benchmark : Nov 16th - Wanted to benchmark our scrap % of sales within the industry. Please provide your scrap...

Scrap Benchmark : Nov 16th - Wanted to benchmark my scrap % of sales within the industry. Please provide what your...

Working a weekend shift : Nov 15th - We currently work 4 ten hour shifts Monday - Thursday and considering a Friday -...

Group List

Anderson, James - General Manager
Anderson, Ed - Director of Corp Tech
Anderson, Jeff - Director of Operations
Anton, Steve - President
Anton, Jim - VP of Purchasing & Manufacturing
Ash, Phil - VP-Operations
Baker , Michelle - EHS Director
Baker, Daniel - President
Barnhill, Julian - Sr VP MFG
Bayne, Dave - Engineering Manager
Beatty, Darren - Vice President/General Manager
Belshaw, Jeremy - Owner
Belshaw, John - Owner
Bernardo, Bill - GM
Blasco, Paul - V.P. of Manufacturing
Borski, Michael - President
Braun, Charlie - President
Bueltel, Mark - Co-President
Carney, Robin - EHS
Castillo III, Sixto - VP of Operations
Clark, Joe - VP of Corporate Quality & Risk Control
Colletti Jr, Joe J - President
Couvillion, Kevin - Operations Manager
Darling, Gary - President
Day, Scott - VP, North American Operations
Dee, Richard - CFO & Global Procurement Director
DeMallie, Donald - President
Denick, Christopher - President Rubber Products Group
DeVoe, Marian - President
Dobbs, Randy - CEO
Drew, Donald - President
Early, Scott - President & CEO
Eckhardt, Chris - Plant Manager
Flint, Chris - Plant Supervisor
Graham, Tim - President
Graham, Tim - President
Grant, Todd - Dir Operations
Gregoire, Bernard - President & COO
Halages, George - President
Heithaus, Don - Chairman of the Board
heithaus, kirk - president
House, Kendall - President & CEO
Huang, Ellen - Director - Environmental Affairs
Huntsman, Lisa - President
Jammal, Nick - President/CEO
Jarvis, Tim - Director of N.A. Manufacturing
Jentzsch, Dave - General Manager
Jones, Jamie - Director of Operations
Kagy, Gina - EHS
Kasman, John - CEO
Katz, Mike - President
Keglewitsch, Joe - Attorney
Klima, Darryl - General Manager of Manufacturing
LaFever, Steven - General Manager
Latimer, Gregory - EHS Manager
Laudadio, Joe - CEO/President
Leclair, Eric - President
Lennox, Tom - GM
Lukavich, Jerry - BELTS
Macqueen, Colin - Technology Director
Maskaliunas, Linas - Director, Global Product and Technology Developmen
McCaughtry, Don - VP of Operations
McHale, Regan - President
McHale, Neil - VP of Operations
Moner, Ron - Engineering Manager
Moreland, David - President
Murru, Anthony - President/CEO
Nakayenyongsuk, Oh - Director of Material Handling and Industrial Wheel
Newman, Betsy - Vice President
Newman, David - VP
Ney, Drew - President
nieto, steven - COO
Nix, Troy - Executive Director
Norman, Richard - President / CEO
Normanton, Geoff - Senior Vice President of Technology
Norris, Halle - Vice President
Palinkas, James - President
Pignataro, Marc - VP of Sales & Business Development
Pitstick, Thomas - Chief Marketing Officer
Proske, Matt - VP
Pruyn, Rob - President
Recchio, Mike - Vice Presiden, Corporate Technology
Richard, Andy - EHS Manager/Ops Manager
Riley Oldenkamp, Joann - CEO
Riley-Ryman, Marel - President
Sadon, Stan - Operations Management
Saxion, Jerry - Managing Director
Schahrer, Cliint - Manufacturing Director
Schreiner, Jack - CEO
Shafie, Shahram - Vice President of Engineering
Sharp, Erick - President
Smith, David - President
Smith , Thomas - Vice President
Smith, Mike - General Manger
Stockwell, William - President
Stork, Del - President
Thibodeau, Julie - Vice President
Tomecek, Petr - Vice President
Trushel, Mark - President and CEO
Trushel, Mark - President and CEO
Tuckner, Paul - President
Tuliper, Rick - CEO
Turek, Travis - President & General Manager
Vipperman, Howard - President
Walker, Bob - Special Projects / Product Development Manager
Walker, Joe - Gobal Director
Walker, Joe - Global Dir. Adv Matl Dev
Walworth, Van - CEO
Wideman, James - President
Wilhelm, Jake - General Manager
Wilkins, John - Director, Engineer Operations
Woodward, Teri - General Manager
Wright, Randall - Plant Manager and Materials Manager
Zenar, Steven - Plant Manager

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